Let the power of magazines amaze you

How important are local media in today’s media landscape?
Trust in local media is still relatively high in Belgium. But are the local media able to tap into this momentum and claim their role as a credible, trusted voice? The big question for the public is who they can trust today, as a source of information ánd with their data. The fourth power is crucial to our democracy. Free press is the bedrock of our freedom of expression and controls the political and judicial powers. For advertisers strong local media could well be the best way to combat fraud and brand insecurity. Our host, Danny Devriendt discusses all aspects with his guests.

Part 1: Trust

In this first part of our ‘chair session from home’ Danny and his guests explore the current media landscape and how tech and classical media companies each play their role. How trustworthy are local media and how does this affect advertising and brands?

Part 2: Power and responsibility

In the second part of this debate Danny and his guests explore the influence of big tech, like Google and Facebook play on the media landscape. With great power comes great responsibility. In media and advertising money is power which gives advertisers a lot of responsibility as well.

Part 3: Algorithms and AI

Programmatic buying and extreme targeting makes more personalised advertising possible but can make brand building more difficult in the end. What is the role of ‘classic’ local media in brand awareness and brand building?