Thursday 4th October 2018, Zaventem
09:00 - 14:00, lunch included

Let the power of magazines
amaze you at the second annual
Magazine Media Conference


Register and learn more about the genuine assets of magazine media:

  • Magazines offer you engaged audiences.

    The power of a media brand effects the brands that advertise in it. That’s why your ad will benefit from the trust that the magazine has built up with its readers.
  • Brands use magazines’ creative possibilities to stand out.

    An ad you can smell or taste? A packshot that glows in the dark? In magazines anything that tickles the five senses is possible!
  • Magazine-makers are storytellers by nature.
    They are pioneers and experts in keeping the right balance between editorial and commercial content. This is where native advertising fits in your content strategy. People love beautiful stories. And for a brand it’s great to be part of such a story.
  • Magazine ads are not intrusive: readers see them as complementary info.
    The word “magazine” is derived from the French word “magasin”, a place of commerce where customers take the initiative. A shop is inspiring and not intrusive. No wonder then that magazines are the most trusted medium for consumers.
  • Cross-media solutions in magazine media enhance ROI substantially.

    The cross-media approach of magazine editors offers you more chances to reach your target groups via different platforms.

International and national speakers will guide you through these insights. They will prove how magnificent magazine media are for brands.

Full programme is coming soon